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Bonnie.Dillabough                                            Bernadette.dimitrov.250.dpi.forpublishing
Founder- USA                                       Founder – Australia
Bonnie Dillabough                                 Bernadette Dimitrov
Based in Washington                            Based in Melbourne, Australia servicing the world
Marketing & Podcast Expert                 Podcast Expert, Consultant, Speaker
Founder & CMO Yaktivate.com            & Trainer (Cert. IV Training & Assessment)
A world premier Podcast Network        Author & co-author of more than 10 books
offering opportunities for you!               Award Winning International Best Selling co-Author
…………………………………………….Best Selling Authors Int. Advisory Board Member


Bernadette Dimitrov’s bio:
A podcast expert, producer & trainer
Platinum level ezine article writer (more than 100 articles published world-wide)
Author & co-author of more than 8 books including two International Best Sellers
Regular featured writer for The Hills Newspaper in her local community
NLP Practitioner
NLP Coach Practitioner
Matrix Therapies Practitioner
Ad.Dip. Dis. & Diploma of Management
Cert. IV in Training & Assessment
Graduate of the world’s only Humourversity – Professional Speaking
and has been mentored by many great teachers!
A successful Radio Podcast Producer & Host heard in 90 countries
averaging 70-80 thousand listeners per month!
Which created a platform, star power and expert status
that changed her life forever!  Opportunities came rolling in.
See media images and extended bio here:  extended bio

Read more about Bernadette’s personal story & message here:

Bernadette has appeared on the front covers of newspapers and magazines
and on leading commercial and AM radio stations in Australia and the USA as well
as appearances on tv including:

She walks her talk…

she’s proven the STAR power

of podcasting…

from no-one to world expert living her childhood dream – Australia’s 1st Official
Mrs Claus & world Happiness Ambassador:

Regular Feature Writer for                           Above – Mrs Claus in Fairfax papers
The Hills Newspaper                                      Australia wide including in The Courier
……………………………………………………..(click on image to see the full story)

Interviewed on ‘Write Now’ USA                      Interviewed live on “Alysha Live’ USA


To see more media coverage visit here:
View The Australian Women’s Weekly article:
Mrs Claus lands in Hollywood:
Happiness Ambassador

As a result of podcasting and the platform it created for Bernadette, she
sits on many industry councils & committees:
–  Member of the International Santa Claus Oath Committee
–  Member of the International Advisory Council Santa-America.org / Santa-Australia
–  Member of the Santa Claus International Peace Council http://www.stcpc.org
(who are creating the 1st ever International peace village in the world with 40 countries
enlisted to be opened in 2014)
–  Member of The Red Suit Society -www.TheKringleGroup.com
–  Bachelor of Santa Claus, IUSC – Australia’s 1st Official Mrs Claus!

Bernadette’s mentor was Bonnie Dillabough. 
Bonnie showed Bernadette how to take her passion
to a whole new level with podcasting… create expert status & star power!
Here is an image of their first face to face meeting…
at a Santa convention in the USA…
Bernadette lives in Melbourne, Australia
Bonnie lives in Washington, USA.
Bonnie’s guidance through podcasting
made Bernadette’s child-hood dream come true…
a truly joyous moment for both them…

Read Bonnie Dillabough’s bio:

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
Yaktivate.com global media network
Olympia, Washington USA
Yaktivate.com is a podcast network that includes Good Politics Radio.
Read the rest of Bonnie’s bio here:  http://www.yaktivate.com/about/

“We’re passionate about empowering authors, entrepreneurs and business owners to make their dreams come true too with podcasting!”  Bernadette Dimitrov

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