Create Star Power

You can create ‘Star Power’ with

your own podcast show!

Podcasting is a powerful tool that has the capacity to expose you to world wide audiences.

Opportunity awaits you…

By becoming a podcaster with your own podcast show, you can be exposed to
more than 90 countries on the Yaktivate podcast network.

You have the potential to build an audience who will get to know like and trust you
as you build your brand exposure, status and
create star power in your niche!

Image you as the go to expert, author, coach, entrepreneur or business!
When you decide to add podcasting to your marketing mix
you step up and out from the crowd.

Podcasting has the potential to expand you into domains that dreams are made of.

Let us show you how… contact us now!


Not ready for your own show?
We can interview you!
We can create podcasts and vodcasts for your business.
We can showcase you, your business, your offer, your story.
We will personalize for your specific needs.
Not sure what your needs are… contact us for a free discovery session.

Here’s an example
created for an award winning photographer to showcase her story, her work and her special offer. Gives potential customers an opportunity to get to know, like and trust her by hearing and seeing her story unfold visually.  She can also now add to her bio/press kit that she has been featured in the media.


Watch our free training vodcast

(video podcast) below and discover:

– What is a podcast?
– What is a vodcast?
– Podcasting v Vodcasting
– The benefits for entrepreneurs, businesses and government departments.
– Why you MUST use if if in business or be left behind.
– Save time, money & effort like never before!
– For a small fee you can get a Professional Development Certification for this course (details at the end of the training on this podcast).

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