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Are you an entrepreneur, author of business professional who would you like to move upwards from where you are now?

Ready, Aim, Captivate! brings together experts, entrepreneurs, and authorities on how to take your individual message and use it to reach out to others, change lives, and captivate hearts. These professionals are just like you. They too were once looking for keys from experts to find out  how to get to where they wanted to go. They had to learn—some of them, the hard way— the truth about success and  happiness.  If you are struggling, you are not alone.

You may be thinking, “But what about me? I’m just a regular person with a passion for something but I have no idea how to put it to work to help anyone.”  Wherever you are right now is the perfect place to start moving toward the goal of a fulfilled life so that others can begin to be changed by your unique message.  Embark on a journey in the coming pages that will help you identify your gift, explore your talents and teach you to touch lives with your passion and your purpose. Allow them to show you what it takes to make your message magical.

Ready, Aim, Captivate! is a priceless resource. Such an amazing group of trusted professionals has come together in this book with one common purpose.  So get excited and get ready to be captivated with leading wisdom and insights!


Foreword, Christine Kloser
I. Messages of Inspiration

Ch. 1 The Ultimate Gift, Jim Stovall
Ch. 2 Define and Attract Your Future, Natalie Ledwell
Ch. 3 Loving the Unlovable, Brynn Burger
Ch. 4 Have Optimal Personal Excellence, Carol Davies
Ch. 5 Embrace the Message of Love, Desiree Richardson
Ch. 6 Live Life with Gratitude, David George Brooke
Ch. 7 Take the Baton—Life’s a Marathon, Debra Domino
Ch. 8 Financial Enlightenment, Dr. Huesan Tran
Ch. 9 Live Your Own Life Purpose, Juracy Johnson
Ch. 10 Science, Sex, Spirituality, Lisa Turner
Ch. 11 Using Inner Wisdom for Real World Success, Pascale Seiler
Ch. 12 Discover Your Infinite Potential, Michelle Manning-Kogler
Ch. 13 Achieve Your Mission, Nicola Grace
Ch. 14 Transform Your Expression, Dr. RaShon
Ch. 15 Soul Connection, Sandy Hounsell
Ch. 16 Your Soul Portrait, Siddiqi Ray
Ch. 17 Stand in Your Power, Susan Crutcher

II: Messages for Success
Ch. 18 Innovate Your Influence, Suzi Pomerantz
Ch. 19 Claim Your Most Powerful “Why You for Who!” Ann Farrell
Ch. 20 Make Change Work for You, AnYES van Rhijn
Ch. 21 Speak Your Way to Success, Arvee Robinson
Ch. 22 Turning Conversations into Clients, Barb Wade
Ch. 23 The 3 Decisions That Determine Your Future, Dawn Langerock
Ch. 24 Think Big and Take Bold Action, Eva Zacks
Ch. 25 Transform Your Business, Gary Henson
Ch. 26 Marry Your Outcome, Gina Morgan
Ch. 27 Five Steps to Your MVP, James R. McPherson, JD, MBA
Ch. 28 Your Integrity Creates Your Success, Kate Maloney
Ch. 29 Growing Success, Larry M. Jacobson. MBA
Ch. 30 Become a Well-Known Expert, Marsha Wright
Ch. 31 The Right Success Strategies, Michael Andjelkovic
Ch. 32 Worthy Cause Marketing, Michael Houlihan
Ch. 33 The Big Business in Life is LIFE, Myhanh Buithi
Ch. 34 Leading With Values, Priscilla Nelson
Ch. 35 Grow the Seed of Peak Performance, Raymond Perras
Ch. 36 Three Keys To Be Heard, Ruth Thurtle
Ch. 37 From Successful To Significant, Sandy Nickerson
Ch. 38 What Your Body Says, Sharon Sayler
Ch. 39 EQ In The Workplace, Stephen Blakesley
Ch. 40 Thrive In Business, and In Life, Sue Guiher
Ch. 41 Telling the Gutsy Truth, Sylvia Lafair
Ch. 42 It’s the Company You Keep, Viki Winterton
III. Messages using Technology, Media, Books and Brand
Ch. 43 Use Technology to Enhance Wellbeing, Deepak Chopra, MD and Ran Zilca
Ch. 44 Master Your Message for the Media, Dan Janal
Ch. 45 Connecting the Right Dots, John and Kate Stellar
Ch. 46 Get Free Press, Bert Martinez
Ch. 47 Communicate Your Media-Genic Message, Deborah A. Genovesi, APR
Ch. 48 Heal the World With Your eBook, Ellen Violette
Ch. 49 Communicate Your Media-Genic Message, Giselle Shapiro
Ch. 50 Enter the Land of Brand, Holly Chantal
Ch. 51 Guerrilla Publicity, Jill Lublin
Ch. 52 Your Cyber Security, June Klein
Ch. 53 Turn Your Creativity Into Cash, Lisa Rothstein
Ch. 54 Turn Prospects Into Clients, Michele PW
Ch. 55 Time, Freedom, and Money, Nicola Bird
Ch. 56 You Need To Be A Dog With A Bone, Peggy McColl

IV. Messages for Health
Ch. 57 Reconnect to Your Timeless Self, Beth Daniels
Ch. 58 Two Simple Words: Self-Acceptance and Self-Worth, Dr. Christina Charbonneau
Ch. 59 Live Your Ultimate Life, Germaine Salib, DC
Ch. 60 Tap Into Your Natural Gifts, Karyn Stapleton
Ch. 61 Healthy Lifestyle Makeover, Lena Valiquette
Ch. 62 Take Charge Proactively, Sharon Ball
Ch. 63 Your Mess Is Your Message, Suria Mohd
Ch. 64 Trading Tired for THRIVING!, Val Reis
Ch. 65 Empower Yourself, Empower Others, Zeina Ghossoub

V. Messages for Happiness and Fulfillment
Ch. 66 Healthy Sense of Self, Antoinetta Vogels
Ch. 67 Magic Happens When Happiness Matters, Bernadette Dimitrov
Ch. 68 How to Relax and Get a Rich Life, Cecil McIntosh
Ch. 69 Your Optimal Path to a Better World, Claude Cleret
Ch. 70 Live the Life You Love, Helen Kerrison
Ch. 71 Your Parenting Plan, Jodi Orshan
Ch. 72 Do Something For Yourself Today, Katherin Scott
Ch. 73 Be Your Change, Keith Blakemore-Noble
Ch. 74 Hope, Courage, Determination, Michelle DeBerge
Ch. 75 Every Face Tells A Story, Michelle Butt
Ch. 76 Giving Is How You Receive, Millie McGhee-Morris
Ch. 77 Live Your Moments In Love, Nancy Burroughs
Ch. 78 Getting Paid What You’re Worth, Patty Tanji
Ch. 79 Finding The Work You Love, Regina Ozoemela
Ch. 80 Connect To Your Passion and Purpose, Renee’ Ruiz
Ch. 81 Dolphin Are Our Teachers, Roberta Goodman
Ch. 82 Four Words To Live For, Sergio Bello
Ch. 83 The Air Your Soul Breathes, Sherry Petty
Ch. 84 To Earth With Love, Shiri Pollack, Ph.D
Ch. 85 Hope For The Hopeless, Stacey Chadwell
Ch. 86 Moving from Pain to Power and Purpose, Suchi Kumar


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