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Podcasting offers powerful, effective & cost saving applications for your:

Advertising   –  Promotions  –  Branding   –  Communications  & Trainings!


We can show you how to transform your business and/or achieve a powerful online presence!

FREE eBook version of expert insights
from around the world
for all our customers and their staff of this internationally released book from the best selling series ‘Ready, Aim’ Featuring our Podcast Expert & Trainer Bernadette Dimitrov



Training for all your staff or clients with ease while slashing your training budget!  Create a powerful and effective workforce and/or happy and loyal clientele!

Podcasting offers a communication platform to dramatically & more powerfully change the way you communicate in business  to your staff and/or to your clientele or prospects.

Don’t be left behind, move into the new Web 2.0 strategy ‘Podcasting’.  We can show you what it can do to transform your business today. We can even do it all for you and create the the platform to house all your eg trainings with pass-word protection.  We make it easy for you!  We can either train you or your staff or do it all for you!

We are looking forward to working with you.
You CAN achieve greater success with Podcasting!


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Bernadette Dimitrov
Trainer, Consultant & Author
I’m looking forward to assisting you to transform your online presence
so you won’t be left behind.
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Call mobile:  0413 111 322
or email me at info@PodcastBusinessSuccess.com


Bonnie Dillabough
Trainer, Consultant
Marketing & Podcast Expert
CEO Yaktivate.com
A World Premier Podcast Network
Email Bonnie at:

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