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Expert & author of “Business in Blue Jeans”…
Great insights for working from home….
Susan Baroncini-Moe  a top business and marketing strategist from the USA.
Featured in USA Today, MSNBC, Discovery Channel, BBC, Time just to name a few.
Discover her new book ‘Business in Blue Jeans’written for new entrepreneurs & business owners.

On today’s show with Susan you will discover:
– the most success component that makes a successful entrepreneur!
– the first step you need to take to leave the rat race!
– What is ‘brain junk’ and why it’s so imperative that you know about it and deal with it!
– The biggest misconceptions about starting a business!
– If you want to be successful what you must know!
– Working with your spouse – tips you want to know!

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Guest:  Zaharoula Harris
Award Winning Photographer
from Zed Photography Melbourne Australia
shares her journey, insights into her business
and a special offer for our listeners only ….

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