Our Training Courses

Why you need to empower yourself with our training right now…

Podcasting is a powerful marketing tool and
marketing is the most important ingredient to success in business.

Dan Kennedy, known as a world-leading guru of marketing said:

“The person who believes and says that he/she is not
creative, is not innovative, is not good at marketing, is
most likely to fail in business?

If you feel that you have to give away responsibility for
these functions to others, such as ad agencies, copywriters,
artists and consultants you’ll create a mammoth economic
drain on your business.”

 Podcasting is the answer you’ve been looking for!

Podcasting is now one of top tools for marketing on line.  Part of your online marketing mix that you must have today or be left behind your competitors as they soar ahead.  With our training course you will learn how to easily create your own podcasts without the need to outsource to professionals saving you big bucks.  It ‘s easy to do and the rewards and possibilities with podcasting are too big to miss!

Our easy trainings will empower  you to get star power, a leading edge in your niche.

Why you are ready to start right now:

–  You don’t have to be perfect to get started.

–  Podcasting is an important part of your online marketing today.

If you are not doing it you are being left behind.


Gorilla Marketers tell us that the number one reason
people do business with us is ‘confidence’!

Clients, customers, staff or potential clients,
staff have to get to know, like and
trust you in order to have ‘confidence’
So what’s the secret sauce that top marketers
are using to get a leading edge – podcasting!


Podcasting can open doors and present opportunities that dreams are made of.

It’s part of a successful marketing mix that gorilla marketers insist you need.

Your website presence is the core of your online marketing and branding. To build relationships.  Make your store front, your website come alive with video and audio podcasting.

With podcasting  you can:

. create an extreme competitive edge

. become the star, the expert, the top dog in your niche, industry or market place!

You will probably out source a ton of money to professionals to do what you could do yourself. Unless you have a ton of money under your mattress.

Our Course:

You sign up for the live coaching or get immediate access to online podcast tutorials which include video and voice and pdf files for you.

‘Podcast Creation Workshop’:

–  5 empowing webinars you can attend live or listen to on replay

–  with visual demos and step by step instructions.

–  learning everything you need to create your own podcasts


What you will learn:

.  How to build a relationship through podcasting

.  How to build a loyal following/community

.  Creating star power through the power of voice

.  Reaching audiences that dreams are made of

.  How to make your podcasts smart phone friendly – lots of people are now using smart phones to access websities today.

.  learn simple optimization tips and tricks for your site so you can do yourself so you don’t have to hire someone.

.  how to work with images without hiring a professional, a graphic designer.

.  how to sell your product or services through podcasting

.  how to monetize your podcasts

.  tips and tricks

.   Bonus Q & A session

–   Special bonus offer for our attendees only – we will interview you
and create a podcast or vodcast and put it up on a USA channel
that has exposure to a large number of countries.  An interview you
can use as part of your marketing kit and/or use on your website
as a bonus way for visitors to get to know, like and trust you.
Details of this super special discounted offer will be announced at the end
of the training.  An offer we will not offer anywhere else – guaranteed!


We teach you to be an empowered entrepreneur.

Our guarantee to you:

If we don’t do a good job teaching you, you have a 30 day money back guarantee, you can contact us and get a full refund.  So the risk is all with us not with you.

Your Investment:
This course is valued at is $2,497
Our regular price is $1,997 but you get it at our website slashed
as a special introductory offer to only  $497
or 4 payments of $124.25  if you need it!

An investment in you and your business.
You will discover everything you need to know
to create STAR POWER…. a leading edge in your niche!
Plus for a limited time
Your free groundbreaking ebook ‘Ready Aim Captivate
– Put Magic in Your Message & a Fortune in Your Future’
with leading world experts insights.



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