Get Interviewed

Great new service to promote you,

your business, product or services!

We will create a podcast and/or vodcast for you!

We can interview you on

Podcast Business Success Web tv & radio podcast show to

promote you, your  business, products or services!

You’ll be interviewed along with top business experts from around the globe!



Your Host:

Bernadette Dimitrov
Podcast Expert & Trainer
‘Queen of creating ‘Star Power’ with Podcasting &
International Best Selling Award Winning co-Author

Hey Hi & Welcome!

Are you an entrepreneur or  business owner who wants a leading edge?

Our show interviews top business experts from around the globe sharing cutting edge transformational insights, tips & tools.

I record from my home town in beautiful Melbourne, Australia to guests from all over the world.

We make it super easy for you…

1.  We can script your intro and questions for you that the interviewer will ask 
     that will highlight you, your company and service or products.

2.  We call you via telephone or skype or other tele service to record the interview.

3.  We edit for you.

4.  We produce a podcast and/or vodcast.

5.  We send you the code to embed on your webside, newsletter, facebook etc.

6.  You get an interview on a radio podcast show showcasing you!

Here are some examples of what we can produce for you:

Here is a web tv version (video podcast) just click and play:

Here is another web tv version… just click play:

Download the mp3 version
(right click your mouse and ‘save as’) on the following link:

Click here

Or listen to the mp3 version here:

Investment for this service:

1.  Interview promo, intro and questions, actual interview on show & embed code provided for audio podcast usually $697 current special $397

2.  As above and including images for a Vodcast (video podcast) usually $997  current special $597

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