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Don’t spend your precious time, energy and money on products and services that don’t stack up.  I’ve the done the hard yards for you…

Here are the products I have used and know that work.  The top business products I recommend for anyone starting an internet business or wanting to grow their business.  Products that will save you headaches now and down the track.  Go with my best recommendations below and you’ll be a winner…

Best hosting company recommendation
Top hosting company recommendation
Where to host your blog, website & podcasts?   Here is the host company I recommend & use:

I use and recommend 100% – Blue Host:

– unlimited space, unlimited domains on the one account

–  access 24/7 to speak to a consultant

–  super affordable from only $6.95 per month

All of this is priceless – they provide everything you need for hosting!
A top company, top service, top provider for anyone or any business anywhere in the world.

Press on the image below or:
–  Tell Me More:  Visit Here!

–  Sign Up Now page:   Visit Here!
sign up straight away… don’t waste your time… this is the best…
that’s what I recommend because they are a totally reliable top service & top provider:

best shopping cart
best shopping cart for business
How to sell your products, services & podcasts on auto pilot…
You need a shopping cart:

Kickstartcart This is the shopping cart I have used and the only one I recommend because you will save yourself many headaches and heartaches.  This company offers everything you need, not just now but as your business grows.  They can handle the lot and that is exactly what you need for an online business.
A reliable, top company which offers everything you need including security:
– affordable
– powerful
– easy
Visit Here to try the world’s smartest shopping cart system for free… I say it’s the best and all you’ll ever need as you grow your business.Where to purchase dain names
Best place to purchase domain names
top co to purc
hase domain names

domain name recommendation


You need a name so people can find you…
an internet address ie www…….com .co .org etc:
I recommend and only use Godaddy.com.  Sure you may find marginally cheaper sites
but they wont have the security, reliability and backup that Godaddy offer.
You see if the name you want is available here:


I recommend you purchase your domain names just like I have only from Godaddy.com
the world’s number 1. domain registrar…
just click on the image below to visit and get started:
GoDaddy - World's #1 Domain Registrar

Best email list building software for business
top email newsletter software
Email list building & marketing: software:
You need a way to collect names and grow your list and send out your newsletters & sales letters:

Can You Have More Sales, Too?Helping over 120,000+ businesses like yours raise profits and build customer relationships using AWeber’s opt-in email marketing software for over 10 years.

Take a Free Test Drive today!

I love this company and their sharings…  I use it and it works!
Mind-movies are one the best discoveries for success… get your’s today…

Click to Learn the Unexpected Secret To Success in a Shocking Video

I can confidently tell you with these companies you are in the best of hands, best back up services and best products – everything you need now and for a growing successful business!

Bernadette.dimitrov.Podcast.Business.Success.Best.Selling AuthorHere is to your success & continued success….

Happy wishes
Bernadette Dimitrov
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